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Everything you need to know about GeoMetrix Data Systems Inc. (well, almost everything) including all the different ways to contact us.

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Whether you're an existing customer needing sales assistance such as increasing your licensing or completely new to GeoTalent and would like a product demo, you can contact our sales staff by telephoning 1-800-616-5409 or emailing GeoTalent Sales


If you need someone else, please call (250) 361-9300
and use the menu or email the following.
General info: GeoTalent Info
Media & marketing: GeoMetrix Communications
Jobs: GeoMetrix Careers


Our friendly technical support staff is available on weekdays by telephoning the 800 support number your were given with your paid support contract or (250) 361-9300 (press 2) or by e-mailing Technical Support


We're located in beautiful Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.
GeoMetrix Data Systems Inc.
PO Box 53574, RPO Broadmead
Victoria, BC V8X 5K2


If you want to visit us in Victoria, please ask us to send you our Visitor's Guide, which has information about transportation, accommodation and documentation (necessary if arriving from outside Canada).

GeoMetrix Data Systems Inc. is a privately held partnership incorporated in the province of British Columbia, Canada. GeoMetrix Data Systems Inc. has been developing training administration software and services since its inception in 1992 and has more than 20 years experience providing learning management solutions and more recently performance management and now talent management solutions.

We believe in a value-based approach to business with our responsibility being to provide value to our customers, the community and our employees, rather than simply producing a product or service for profit.We believe that business relationships should always benefit both parties, whether that relationship is between vendor and customer, service provider and client, manufacturer and reseller, or employer and employee.We believe the potential of any organization has no limits and is driven by its workers and their imagination.We believe that our success is due to our highly skilled, committed employees and the work that they produce.We believe that everyone deserves respect.

Our mission is to help improve the process of learning, performance and talent management in organizationsby providing cost-effective, comprehensive software and services. Our vision is of a companythat continuously provides competitively priced products that keep current withthe learning, performance and talent management technologies marketplace, while offering high quality service to customers.

Our Background

GeoMetrix Data Systems Inc. was founded in 1992 and has been in continuous operation since. As you can imagine, having been in business for more than 24 years we have plenty of experience. We have carried out hundreds of implementations of the software that we develop and sell. So while GeoTalent is a fairly new product, we are old hands.

In fact, GeoMetrix has ranked as a Customer Satisfaction Leader, a Loyalty Leader and a Market-wide Outperformer for several mid-market categories in LMS customer satisfaction studies published by industry analyst Bersin & Associates.

Our software products have consistently received good reviews in reports by industry analyst BrandonHall.com and was chosen for BrandonHall.com’s Low Cost LMS Report for several years. GeoMetrix has won numerous other awards including a Best of Elearning! Award of Excellence and an APX (Achieving Performance eXcellence) award from Training Magazine.

Our company is founded on the philosophy that the relationship with our clients is a mutual partnership in which both parties commit the resources necessary to move ahead with a successful implementation and long-term business relationship. We strive to provide relevant, practical and cost effective learning management, performance management and talent management solutions to our clients.

Our Partnering Program

Our Alliance Program fosters relationships with outstanding organizations that offer complementary applications and services to our software including content from industry leaders, AICC/SCORM-compliant courseware providers, content authoring, assessment tools, virtual delivery systems, skill libraries and application hosting. Our Alliance Program benefits mutual clients of GeoMetrix and its Alliance partners by providing:

  • Full-featured solutions using award-winning technologies from industry recognized leaders
  • An extended range of products, pre-tested for compatibility and reliability, ensuring tightly integrated solutions tailored to an organization’s needs
  • The combined experience of established and proven suppliers of solutions to millions of learners worldwide through some of the world’s largest and most preeminent organizations

Our program benefits GeoMetrix, its Partners and ultimately our clients by providing the most complete solution possible for learning and performance while providing Partners with additional distribution channels, access to a larger client base and supplementary revenue streams.

If your organization would like to receive the advantages of being an Alliance Partner, please drop us a line.

Careers at GeoMetrix Data Systems Inc.

GeoMetrix provides competitive salaries and benefits in a flexible working environment. Our office is as flexible as our software!

We are currently looking for technical support and client services personnel. These are full-time positions at our office in Victoria, BC. Although these positions do not initially require travel, the successful candidate may be required to travel at some point in the future. If you are reliable, love to work with people and have both technical and communication skills, please send your resume to GeoMetrix Careers